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Troop 243 ScoutBucks Rules and Regulations:

ScoutBucks is a unique program in which a Scout, including college reserve Scouts, can earn funds through various fundraising opportunities to be used to offset scouting expenses. ScoutBucks is subject to IRS regulations that translates into the program rules and regulations listed below. Here are several examples of ways a Scout can earn ScoutBucks in Troop 243:

  • Receiving a percentage of proceeds from fundraising programs; typically popcorn/wreath sales in the fall as well as Firewood Sales.
  • Contributing small amounts of money on a regular basis to gradually pay for large expenses.
  • Transferring funds from a Scout who left the troop to one or more related Scouts who remain active.
  • Through gifts/donations from friends or family who specifically want their money to cover Scouting costs.
  • Funds transferred in from another Unit/Pack when a Scout joins the Troop.

By allocating funds specifically for Scouts, scouting families can cover expenses gradually rather than all at once. It’s important to remember that funds from an individual ScoutBucks account can only be used for specific Scouting-related purposes. Below are several examples of purchases that are eligible for reimbursement within the program:

  • Summer/Winter Camps
  • Large Scouting Events like Jamborees
  • Troop/Council/BSA National Dues
  • Scouting Class A Uniforms
  • Troop Class B Shirts purchased through the Troop
  • Eagle Scout Project Materials (requires pre-approval and direct payment to vendor)
  • High Adventure Activities with Scouting
  • Troop Donations (if a Scout is leaving the Troop)
  • Reasonably priced Scouting/individual camping gear may be including but is not limited to:
    • Mess kits/thermoses/water bottles
    • Sleeping bags/pads/hammocks
    • Hiking shoes/boots/socks
    • Sun protective clothing/hats/sunglasses/rain gear
    • Hiking backpacks/Daypacks
    • Water filtration systems/tablets/filters/life-straws
    • Pocket knives/fire starters/flint and steel/water-proof matches
    • Backpacking stoves/cooking equipment (approval required)

Note: Food during travel to and from Troop outings and snacks/trinkets purchased at camp/trading posts are NOT eligible for reimbursement under this program.

To use ScoutBucks for a campout, the Scouting family notifies the troop treasurer, this typically happens on the camp permission form. If purchasing scouting equipment, the Scouting family must turn in the full receipt to the Troop treasurer within 30-days of purchase for reimbursement. Pre-approval is required by the Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmaster, or Treasurer for purchases over $100.00.

There is no limit to how many ScoutBucks can be used annually for dues and activities. However, there is a maximum reimbursement of $590.00 for equipment/uniforms/etc per calendar year per Scout. If a Scout transfers to another Unit/Troop/Venture Crew/Explorer Unit, 100% of their ScoutBucks account may be transferred to the new Unit if there is an established ScoutBucks program in place. The transfer is between the Troop and the new Unit, no funds will be reimbursed to the Scout directly.

Should a Scout leave the troop, they must submit for any ScoutBucks reimbursement for approved purchases before the end of the chartered year. They can also choose to move their ScoutBucks balance to another Scout in their family or donate to the troop (donating to the troop is the default if the use of their balance is unspecified).

ScoutBucks Program updated August 1, 2022

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